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Biologique Recherche is a prestigious brand trusted by skincare professionals for its luxurious and result-driven products. With a holistic approach to skincare, Biologique Recherche focuses on personalized treatments and formulations tailored to individual skin types and needs.
Their exclusive and highly concentrated formulas feature natural ingredients and botanical extracts, delivering effective solutions for concerns like aging, hydration, and complexion balance.


Biologique Recherche Facials

Experience the epitome of luxury with Bilologique Recherche’s precisely choreographed lymphatic massage techniques to help detoxify and lift facial contours. Pure, highly concentrated serums, masks, potent botanical boosters, and cofactors to enhance hydration, luminosity, and overall skin health.

This meticulous approach ensures a transformative experience, leaving your complexion visibly refined, balanced, and radiant from within.


Biologique Signature Facial



Experience the epitome of luxury with Biologique Recherche’s precise lymphatic and sculpting massage technique that incorporates Cryo Sticks, highly concentrated serums/masks, and potent botanicals and cofactors to enhance hydration, luminosity, and overall skin health.

Diamond Hydrafacial



Only at Glowtox, this treatment marries our 2 favorite facials, Biologique Recherche and Hydrafacial. It includes luxurious lymphatic drainage, extractions, and LED to detox, de-puff, and brighten.

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