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HydraFacial® technology blends gentle exfoliation with deep hydration, a light customized peel and nourishing boosters to leave you with healthy, glowing skin. At Glowtox, we make this treatment ultra-relaxing by including neck, shoulder, arm, and hand massages while you receive your LED treatment. At Glowtox, we never charge for add-on boosters, and your Glowtox Aesthetician will choose one based on your skin care needs.

Glowtox offer’s two options– choose the Pearl for a complimentary booster and LED, or the Diamond for additional manual lymphatic drainage and Biologique Recherche product selection to start and finish.

Pearl Hydrafacial



One of the most requested facial treatments, Hydrafacial gently exfoliates, extracts, and hydrates the skin using patented Vortex-Fusion technology. Your skin therapist will select a customized skin booster to target your skin concerns and finish your treatment with a blend of light therapy; generating balanced skin, stimulating collagen/elastin production, and leaving you with a luminous, pearlescent glow.

Diamond Hydrafacial



Hydrafacial Diamond, found only at Glowtox, marries the much-loved Hydrafacial with France’s premier skincare brand, Biologique Recherche. This treatment begins with a luxurious face and décolleté massage to prime and prepare the skin. Hydrafacial’s Vortex Fusion allows for gentle yet precise chemical exfoliation and extractions, while a luxurious lymphatic drainage massage will work to detox, de-puff, and brighten the skin.



HydraFacial® uses Vortex® Fusion technology, which incorporates exfoliation and deep hydration in one amazing device. Each treatment includes a customizable cocktail with hyaluronic acid, peptides, and antioxidants to address skin concerns. The HydraFacial® device cleanses, exfoliates, and extracts impurities while plumping the skin and revealing a smoother, more radiant complexion. A monthly hydrafacial® is recommended for continued Glow.

First, your Glowtox aesthetician will cleanse your skin to remove makeup, moisturizer, dirt, and oil from your skin. Next, they will use HydraFacial® technology to:

Cleanse + Peel: We gently cleanse again and exfoliate the surface of your skin to achieve a deeper clean with a light peel.

Extract + Hydrate: HydraFacial® technology uses a vacuum-like suction device to cleanse pores while deeply nourishing the skin with hyaluronic acid.

Fuse + Protect: We seal in moisture with antioxidants and peptides to protect the skin and leave you with a radiant glow.

The HydraFacial® uses vacuum-like technology and a precision HydroPeel tip to achieve vortex-like suction. Vortex-like suction extracts impurities concealed deep in the pores while boosting blood flow, stimulating collagen production, and intensely hydrating the skin.

Your skin may be pink or flushed after your treatment, but you will notice an instant brightening effect. As the redness subsides (within 1-2 hours), a luminous complexion will be revealed. HydraFacials® are the perfect pre-event treatment for radiant, flawless skin.

HydraFacial® is non-invasive with no downtime. You can directly resume your daily activities after your appointment. We recommend allowing ample time for the HydraFacial® serum to absorb into the skin and avoiding showers and sweating for 6 hours after your treatment and we prefer you don’t apply makeup for the rest of that day.

For best results and continuous improvement, a HydraFacial® is recommended once a month.

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